Researching for possible solutions for the construction.

The future lies within the hands of students. Pressure has been put on us from a young age by the educational system. Always encouraging us to thrive, innovate, create and learn. Therefore instead of looking at solutions published by companies or organisations for cheaper housing I decided to look at research papers in universities. Specifically in the architectural department. I was looking at research papers from the TU Delft architecture faculty and found a very interesting paper. This was written by a student name Kimberly Beimin. She travelled to Suriname, which is a country in south america and created a solution to their housing problems regarding costs, the climate (especially heat) and sustainability (natural disasters). Scriptie-Affordable_housing_for_the_lower_income_group-Kimberley_Beimin_4102037_ (1)

Her research targets the low income groups, which is exactly what we as a team are looking at right now. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this research paper and may it be inspirational!

P.s. heres a link to show a comparison of Guatemala and Suriname

It even shows their corruption index! From the website you can see that there is not a great difference between the two countries. Guatemala however is running a little behind.