Progress Week 2

Working with ConstruCasa – or how to deal with cultural differences


The last week has been a bit of a confusing one for the Ducks.We´ve all been under the weather and not really ourselves,thanks to horrible colds,moving stress and therefore a bit of lacking motivation.But now we´re back to our old ,motivated selves and ready to go and work on our project – change the world .There have been lots of challenges and questions over the past few days, but there´s actually two that really stick out:

How are we going to keep the contact and build up a great work relationship?

The answer to that question lays in my field of responsibility as client services. After lasts weeks talk I feel like we have really good connection to Julie and a good basis for working together. But because Julie lives in Guatemala, always on the move,always busy and involved making the world a better place,she can´t always ensure a stable connection or stick to a regular date every week,where we can Skype.For example this week she is  in Tikal trying to network and do research for ConstruCasa. So we cannot Skype her this week. To avoid losing the contact we scheduled an interview with ConstruCasas project manager to find out all about how the houses are build, how much they costs, what kind of materials are uses. Just to give us an insight and a better understanding of the local situation.

The other question is:

How can we help our NGO?

Last week we found out that the biggest challenges ConstruCasa has to face are:

  1.  How can they advertise their cause more in order to get funded and achieve more?
  2.  Is there a cheaper, easier and more effective way to build the houses?

So we have to decide on which challenge we – as a group- are we going to tackle?

We are hoping that after talking to Ranferi, the construction manager, we will have a broader view on the local situation and can therefore decide which challenge fits our groups sweet spot ( there is a blogpost coming on that – so watch out!) best and is going to be our mission for this class!


So there a a lot of open questions, but hopefully they´all be answered soon. Until then we just have to keep searching,exploring and experimenting! Let´s bring it on!

Image credits: first one and second one