The final touch – Reflection Post Week 8

How to get up a video on time – or are we actually going to meet the deadline?

It´s the last week. How did that happen?


This week we finally started working on the video. Together with the Split we distributed the last tasks and our video started to take form.After talking to Nancy last week,we took her ideas and feedback into consideration and made our storyboard a lot more “human” and focused on ConstruCasas case. We also changed our script to adapt it to the new storyboard. Having recorded that script already makes things a lot easier for us this week as we only have to focus on drawing and editing the video. At least that´s what we thought; after listening to it we realised that you could hear our group mates talking in the background and that was disturbing the audio. So on Tuesday Me, Thomas and Bogdan recorded it a second time and this time it was a to better! Jackie and Oliver started on designing the sketches for our video. On Wednesday they finalised them and edited them in Photoshop so  they can be put in the video.Big thanks to Bogdan at this point for editing the video and making it reality!


Our teamwork this week was really good I think. Everybody knew what to do and worked on their tasks, but did´t forget to offer their help to the others if needed. That is one of the main things we learned over the whole course I think. That it is important to look after each other and make sure nobody gets lost. After struggling with that a bit in the beginning in the last few weeks we really have that under control and i can at least say for myself that I´m very grateful if somebody offers me to help and I do appreciated getting help as much as I like to help my teammates.We also set up one final meeting to finalise all our plans and “products” we came up with to help our NGO.

If we had to do it again I would say we should have definitely gotten together a lot earlier to solve our teamwork issues. Because since we did that everything was so much easier and a lot more fun. All in all it´s safe to say that we all did learn a lot in the last 8 weeks and enjoyed it.

Shout out to the Ducks!


Reflection Blog – Week 7


Time has come to get into the final steps of our project.
After splitting up the work and giving each team member chores to do over the weekend, everybody of our team came perfectly prepared to class on Monday and we could work on the finalization of the project, solution, and script.


That way it was not difficult to show our classmates a live presentation of our ideas for the video!
On Tuesday we had another hangout with Nancy. We presented her our storyboard and asked for any possible improvements we could do. With Nancy’s advise to change the direction of our purpose a little (not focusing too much on ConstruCasa but rather set our focus on the families and working for an improved life for people in Guatemala), we changed these points in our script on Wednesday! With an improved script we started to come together with the United Splits to start on first productions for the video.

All in all I like how everybody in our group is very integrated and motivated to work on the project. It becomes more and more fun every week since we rapidly changed the way of our team work.
I do not think that there was something very challenging on working specifically in our team together. However, it was we sometimes had some issues in communication with the United Splits. More minds coming together, having more people in a group, and that way maybe different kinds of working can make it difficult to cooperate with each other.
We are now on a good way in our video presentation and I am getting excited to show the end results!

The awareness plan story board


This week we got our stuff together and had a great week. We as a group had a discussion with a bit of confusion and disagreement but we managed to agree on a great story board. Satish approved it when we presented it so we were really happy with that. This means we could quickly continue with our work in developing a great video. In the photo below you will be able to see a sketch of our storyboard, hopefully you’ll enjoy it!


Last Weeks Progress & The Awareness Plan


After this past week we feel confident in our purpose and sure of what’s required from all of us. While creating our storyboard, this purpose only became clearer. Sitting down together and planning out what our video should look like, slide by slide, really facilitated our further understanding of the task at hand… gaining awareness.

Throughout this whole process Julie has made it very clear to us that funding is her biggest concern. In our first Skype call she mentioned that most previous donations have come from individuals, and she’s looking for support from larger organizations. As a group we decided to attack this problem from a broader perspective. In our opinion Constru Casa would benefit more in the long run from having a larger following than simply more funds. We aim to help Constru Casa promote and attract attention to their cause.

The first step to attracting more public attention is a better newsletter. Marie and I agreed to work together on this as we feel it resonates well with our personal skill sets, and soon after beginning this proved to be correct. A quick Google search on effective newsletters and we already had some ideas. We found out that pictures capture nearly twice the viewers as headlines do, and that most humans have a rather low attention span. We were also surprised to read about how extensively color can influences ones perception and emotion regarding a topic. Unfortunately Constru Casa’s current newsletter is dense in text and not incredibly pleasing to the eye, but this can be fixed.

The second part of our awareness plan is to create a booklet that can be used as a pitch to possible sponsor organizations. This brochure will have information about both Guatemala and Constru Casa, and will be tailored to a more professional audience. Like in the newsletter, the brochure will also be very methodically organized and colored. This is where quality and concise information will prove most pivotal. Hopefully the booklet will encourage legitimate sponsors to help and donate to the cause.


In our opinion even the most finite details have the potential to make a significant difference. We’ll also be supplementing this plan with some crowdfunding websites such as and These are fairly easy to use and can be extremely successful. Boy does it feels great to have a clear objective!

Success and Failure

Hello everybody!

Slowly we are feeling that we are in the end phase and everybody is motivated doing their tasks. It seems like we finally worked out our final version of the project called the awareness plan (see reflection blog of week 5).
Of course we all hope to see some success. But when do we actually know if we succeeded or not?
If you do not know the exact plan, please see in the reflection blog (week5) below.
A failure would be if there is no growing awareness after our suggested activities. Even though companies would not reply to the e-mails, they payed at least a little bit attention to ConstruCasa. However, a big success would if companies actually reply and ConstruCasa receives funds and donations from the homepage and e-mails.
Also we are hoping that people become more aware of the NGO if they would refurbish and improve their newsletter.
In our opinion both the newsletter and the reaching out to companies are very important. However, I think the e-mail will be making the most impact (if successful) because companies can make a bigger difference than individuals.

Overall I think we are on a good way to finish up our project and start to work on the video presentation.


Last Week In One Picture


For this assignment I did a creative piece by drawing our groups new focus in an abstract way. In the foreground is a dilapidated house under reconstruction by Constru Casa, hence the preferred u-blocks stacked in the bottom middle. While working I paid close attention to color scheme and layout. The mountains are a purple and green to portray feelings of empathy, and the house was done with warmer colors to draw attention and signify distress. Lastly, both the city and village distant in the mountains both symbolize a larger audience for Contsru Casa.

Online and Offline Networks

Hello everybody!

This is a very interesting blog post of an experienced business person.
During my research of Online and Offline Networks I found this blog and the man really seems to have some useful tips for our NGO ConstruCasa.
First of all Online Networks are basically homepages on which you can easily connect with others online. Such as Highrise, GroupMe, Twitter, Forecast, Plancast or Foursquare.
So first of all I will make sure to suggest our NGO to check out those pages. It is very important to be present in all kind of social media. Having a higher chance of connecting with other business people or organizations also leads to building a higher brand awareness which is really important for our NGO since they are seeking for more attention and commercial to raise their funds.
The blogger talks about how important the Online Networks got in today’s world. Of course, everything goes way faster with some clicks in the internet than to actually go outside in the world and meet people in person (which means Offline Networks).
But his point in this blog post is that you can only build a brand awareness when you also use those Offline Networks and get your personal connection.
Following this rule, ConstruCasa should be present on more events such as NGO meetings, Congresses or Events where organizations have the chance to present themselves etc.
We will definitely bring that into our ideas.

Here is the Link for curious readers: