The awareness plan story board


This week we got our stuff together and had a great week. We as a group had a discussion with a bit of confusion and disagreement but we managed to agree on a great story board. Satish approved it when we presented it so we were really happy with that. This means we could quickly continue with our work in developing a great video. In the photo below you will be able to see a sketch of our storyboard, hopefully you’ll enjoy it!



Reflection Blog- Watch out! Ideas in the making!

Week 4

So this week we had a class taught by students! It was very well prepared and we enjoyed the change. We have looked at spider-grams, which helped us gain a clearer view of what we as a team find important, for example we value teamwork, access to expertise and client information. This was an interesting lesson as we learnt from each team member that they thought.

Moreover, today we had a discussion with Satish and discussed our progress so far. We haven’t been able to Skype our NGO as frequently as we would’ve like however we try to make the best out of the situation and be creative! We thought of points that the NGO may be interested in adapting or improving on. To catch their interest we need to come up with a few ideas but work them out and have details and examples. So to sell these ideas we are going to definitely work on how we could find solutions to their problems in for example their promotion/advertising or funding. Not only can we solve problems, we could possibly improve, develop and upgrade their already existing ideas! We were thinking of a newsletter that gets sent out to the volunteers, addressed to their name so it will feel more personalized. We could also think about the layout and what would be more appealing and draw attention. Or for example learn from WWF how they obtain funds and let that inspire us to create a program that Constru Casa may want to apply to their promotion techniques. So we will do our research and come up with awesome ideas!

Quack out,


Researching for possible solutions for the construction.

The future lies within the hands of students. Pressure has been put on us from a young age by the educational system. Always encouraging us to thrive, innovate, create and learn. Therefore instead of looking at solutions published by companies or organisations for cheaper housing I decided to look at research papers in universities. Specifically in the architectural department. I was looking at research papers from the TU Delft architecture faculty and found a very interesting paper. This was written by a student name Kimberly Beimin. She travelled to Suriname, which is a country in south america and created a solution to their housing problems regarding costs, the climate (especially heat) and sustainability (natural disasters). Scriptie-Affordable_housing_for_the_lower_income_group-Kimberley_Beimin_4102037_ (1)

Her research targets the low income groups, which is exactly what we as a team are looking at right now. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this research paper and may it be inspirational!

P.s. heres a link to show a comparison of Guatemala and Suriname

It even shows their corruption index! From the website you can see that there is not a great difference between the two countries. Guatemala however is running a little behind.

Sharing is Caring!


My name is Jacqueline and I am a dedicated member of The Ducks! After 2 years of drifting about and attending a few other universities I finally found what I am looking for. IDE is the place to be!

A bit about my background, I am half Singaporean and half Dutch and I moved back to Holland 2 years ago after living for 11 years in Singapore. From a young age I have always been travelling around the world with my parents learning about different cultures and doing a wide variety of adventurous activities.

Besides travelling, I also enjoy chilling at home and curling up with a great novel in my Snuggy (it’s a blanket with arm sleeves). I also enjoy watching lots of movies with my favorite being horror movies! I like any and all foods except for brussel sprouts, bleh. But I love chocolate lava cakes and sushi. Pigging out is great but I am a very active person. I have always loved doing sports such as hockey, touch rugby, track and field, and high jump but for the past 2 years I have been kickboxing. So watch out! 😉

Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed making sculptures out of clay or drawing and painting. My parents suggested I should take art classes and that’s where I met James my fine arts professor who privately tutored me and taught me everything he knew. All the different techniques with paints and we even created new techniques of creating art. He challenged me by giving me tasks he would give his university students. Besides just creating art he would also teach me about art history and about the greatest artists that have ever lived. This is where I started to realize that my passion lays within the arts or rather the creative aspects of the world. I found that I am very handy with fixing broken objects; I quickly understand how they work and how they are composed. So eventually I figured I needed to do something with these skills that I have and further develop them. Hence I joined IDE.

For my group I am the documentarian, I enjoy researching and sharing what I have learnt with others, especially if its something that I find intriguing. So writing in our blog would be my medium of sharing knowledge.

Which brings me to my super power; I would say my super power is sharing. I love to share everything, especially when it comes to experiences, knowledge and inspiration. I will share my knowledge and help others to accomplish their goals. This gives me energy and fills me with joy when I am able to make a difference for the better. However sharing and helping is also my kryptonite, I may get caught up in helping others and forget to help myself accomplish certain goals I have. Or others may take advantage and I wouldn’t notice because I’m too naïve. But I’m working on it!

So all in all I hope that my super power or any other skill I have actually will be useful during the Constru Casa project of ours and be able to make a difference for the Guatemalan community.

I might not always share my food though. Hehe.