The final touch – Reflection Post Week 8

How to get up a video on time – or are we actually going to meet the deadline?

It´s the last week. How did that happen?


This week we finally started working on the video. Together with the Split we distributed the last tasks and our video started to take form.After talking to Nancy last week,we took her ideas and feedback into consideration and made our storyboard a lot more “human” and focused on ConstruCasas case. We also changed our script to adapt it to the new storyboard. Having recorded that script already makes things a lot easier for us this week as we only have to focus on drawing and editing the video. At least that´s what we thought; after listening to it we realised that you could hear our group mates talking in the background and that was disturbing the audio. So on Tuesday Me, Thomas and Bogdan recorded it a second time and this time it was a to better! Jackie and Oliver started on designing the sketches for our video. On Wednesday they finalised them and edited them in Photoshop so  they can be put in the video.Big thanks to Bogdan at this point for editing the video and making it reality!


Our teamwork this week was really good I think. Everybody knew what to do and worked on their tasks, but did´t forget to offer their help to the others if needed. That is one of the main things we learned over the whole course I think. That it is important to look after each other and make sure nobody gets lost. After struggling with that a bit in the beginning in the last few weeks we really have that under control and i can at least say for myself that I´m very grateful if somebody offers me to help and I do appreciated getting help as much as I like to help my teammates.We also set up one final meeting to finalise all our plans and “products” we came up with to help our NGO.

If we had to do it again I would say we should have definitely gotten together a lot earlier to solve our teamwork issues. Because since we did that everything was so much easier and a lot more fun. All in all it´s safe to say that we all did learn a lot in the last 8 weeks and enjoyed it.

Shout out to the Ducks!


6 thoughts on “The final touch – Reflection Post Week 8”

  1. I loved this part “That is one of the main things we learned over the whole course I think. That it is important to look after each other and make sure nobody gets lost. ” If you learned nothing else, this will serve you your ENTIRE ENTIRE ENTIRE life. YES!!! I’m smiling big.

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  2. I think this project was/is a very good experience for us concerning the team work. As Marie said ‘we could have gotten together a lot earlier’ but with doing this mistake we experienced the difference in how our team work used to be and how it is now with the improvements. I am very happy with our group and I like how well we get along in team work with the Split United.
    Now we even got results of our work and have the great news that we actually found contacts who are interested in donating!! But more to this later.
    Until then I hope everything will go smoothly in the video production.
    Good luck to everyone!

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  3. Really nice blog post! I agree with everything you say. I can feel how we are now really connected with each other and aware of what everyone is doing. I am see how our product is getting real, and I am now getting excited to show what we have to the NGO. Hopefully things will work as planned, and our work will be a success!


  4. Now that we are in the final stages of this project and our teamwork is doing well I think we all feel quite confident in our final “product”. Communication between all of us is now regular, as stated above, and we all look out for each other. This is great and I think our work will reflect this group mentality. Now that our script is finalized with no more background chit-chat, all that’s left is drawing and editing. I’m very excited to use a Wacom tablet for the first time, and already have a clear drawing blueprint (as pictured above). To wrap things up I’d like to say thanks to my group members for helping and guiding me with the digital drawing process (I’m new to this). Cheers!


  5. It has been a hard week but it has been a very rewarding week! I managed to collect two more emails of people who would actually want to donate money if ConstruCasa would approach them and explain the situation. I put in a good word as did my mother. Plus I finished translating the powerpoint of ConstruCasa’s yearly meeting so that it is understandable for the non-dutch speaking audience. I also worked a bit with illustrator for the first time, but mainly used photoshop to create the scenes for our video 🙂 I’m happy that I was able to help in this aspect! It was great that Oliver and I filled in the tech stewards place together as we managed to produce some awesome drawings together! It definitely is important to look out for each other because in the end we made a great team and we did very well by providing as much help to ConstruCasa as we could. I learnt a lot from my team members, to make sure I ask for help when I need it and that I should not be ashamed if I don’t manage something on my own. And to communicate with each other, I found that I struggled with that in the beginning, since I’m used to the Technical University way of working (on your own, keep up or you’re left behind). But now I make sure I provide help and ask for help when needed! 🙂 A round of applause for the ducks and the split of course since we’ve worked closely with them these past few weeks! Now hopefully we are able to make a difference for ConstruCasa!!

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