Reflection Blog – Week 7


Time has come to get into the final steps of our project.
After splitting up the work and giving each team member chores to do over the weekend, everybody of our team came perfectly prepared to class on Monday and we could work on the finalization of the project, solution, and script.


That way it was not difficult to show our classmates a live presentation of our ideas for the video!
On Tuesday we had another hangout with Nancy. We presented her our storyboard and asked for any possible improvements we could do. With Nancy’s advise to change the direction of our purpose a little (not focusing too much on ConstruCasa but rather set our focus on the families and working for an improved life for people in Guatemala), we changed these points in our script on Wednesday! With an improved script we started to come together with the United Splits to start on first productions for the video.

All in all I like how everybody in our group is very integrated and motivated to work on the project. It becomes more and more fun every week since we rapidly changed the way of our team work.
I do not think that there was something very challenging on working specifically in our team together. However, it was we sometimes had some issues in communication with the United Splits. More minds coming together, having more people in a group, and that way maybe different kinds of working can make it difficult to cooperate with each other.
We are now on a good way in our video presentation and I am getting excited to show the end results!


One thought on “Reflection Blog – Week 7”

  1. Working in the Ducks in way more fun now! It is really satisfying to see how everything is coming together, and how a finalized product is becoming a reality. Working with The Split has been a new challenge, as strong personalities are again involved, and sometimes our views in how to make the video overlap, but we have figured out a way to arrive to the middle point.


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