Last Weeks Progress & The Awareness Plan


After this past week we feel confident in our purpose and sure of what’s required from all of us. While creating our storyboard, this purpose only became clearer. Sitting down together and planning out what our video should look like, slide by slide, really facilitated our further understanding of the task at hand… gaining awareness.

Throughout this whole process Julie has made it very clear to us that funding is her biggest concern. In our first Skype call she mentioned that most previous donations have come from individuals, and she’s looking for support from larger organizations. As a group we decided to attack this problem from a broader perspective. In our opinion Constru Casa would benefit more in the long run from having a larger following than simply more funds. We aim to help Constru Casa promote and attract attention to their cause.

The first step to attracting more public attention is a better newsletter. Marie and I agreed to work together on this as we feel it resonates well with our personal skill sets, and soon after beginning this proved to be correct. A quick Google search on effective newsletters and we already had some ideas. We found out that pictures capture nearly twice the viewers as headlines do, and that most humans have a rather low attention span. We were also surprised to read about how extensively color can influences ones perception and emotion regarding a topic. Unfortunately Constru Casa’s current newsletter is dense in text and not incredibly pleasing to the eye, but this can be fixed.

The second part of our awareness plan is to create a booklet that can be used as a pitch to possible sponsor organizations. This brochure will have information about both Guatemala and Constru Casa, and will be tailored to a more professional audience. Like in the newsletter, the brochure will also be very methodically organized and colored. This is where quality and concise information will prove most pivotal. Hopefully the booklet will encourage legitimate sponsors to help and donate to the cause.


In our opinion even the most finite details have the potential to make a significant difference. We’ll also be supplementing this plan with some crowdfunding websites such as and These are fairly easy to use and can be extremely successful. Boy does it feels great to have a clear objective!


3 thoughts on “Last Weeks Progress & The Awareness Plan”

  1. I really enjoyed the last week. Working together as team was really good, as we are all on the same page and really happy with what we came up during the last weeks. I think it´s safe to say that we are all really excited to actually turning our ideas into products. Together with Oliver I did a lot of research on how a good or even the perfect newsletter should look. While Oliver concentrated a lot more on the usual communication and how to make the newsletter look so it fits our NGO and their needs, my research was a bit more focused on the general structure of a newsletter and on how the content influences the reader. I have the feeling that we are on a good way here to creating a “cheat sheet” for our NGO that might not only be helpful for them but for a lot of other NGOs as well.

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  2. Have you drawn a storyboard? I am looking forward to that. Be sure to make it detailed enough that the “reader” can understand what you are going to tell us. A bit more detail than what I have been seeing in other words.


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