Success and Failure

Hello everybody!

Slowly we are feeling that we are in the end phase and everybody is motivated doing their tasks. It seems like we finally worked out our final version of the project called the awareness plan (see reflection blog of week 5).
Of course we all hope to see some success. But when do we actually know if we succeeded or not?
If you do not know the exact plan, please see in the reflection blog (week5) below.
A failure would be if there is no growing awareness after our suggested activities. Even though companies would not reply to the e-mails, they payed at least a little bit attention to ConstruCasa. However, a big success would if companies actually reply and ConstruCasa receives funds and donations from the homepage and e-mails.
Also we are hoping that people become more aware of the NGO if they would refurbish and improve their newsletter.
In our opinion both the newsletter and the reaching out to companies are very important. However, I think the e-mail will be making the most impact (if successful) because companies can make a bigger difference than individuals.

Overall I think we are on a good way to finish up our project and start to work on the video presentation.



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