Online and Offline Networks

Hello everybody!

This is a very interesting blog post of an experienced business person.
During my research of Online and Offline Networks I found this blog and the man really seems to have some useful tips for our NGO ConstruCasa.
First of all Online Networks are basically homepages on which you can easily connect with others online. Such as Highrise, GroupMe, Twitter, Forecast, Plancast or Foursquare.
So first of all I will make sure to suggest our NGO to check out those pages. It is very important to be present in all kind of social media. Having a higher chance of connecting with other business people or organizations also leads to building a higher brand awareness which is really important for our NGO since they are seeking for more attention and commercial to raise their funds.
The blogger talks about how important the Online Networks got in today’s world. Of course, everything goes way faster with some clicks in the internet than to actually go outside in the world and meet people in person (which means Offline Networks).
But his point in this blog post is that you can only build a brand awareness when you also use those Offline Networks and get your personal connection.
Following this rule, ConstruCasa should be present on more events such as NGO meetings, Congresses or Events where organizations have the chance to present themselves etc.
We will definitely bring that into our ideas.

Here is the Link for curious readers:


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