Reflection Blog- Watch out! Ideas in the making!

Week 4

So this week we had a class taught by students! It was very well prepared and we enjoyed the change. We have looked at spider-grams, which helped us gain a clearer view of what we as a team find important, for example we value teamwork, access to expertise and client information. This was an interesting lesson as we learnt from each team member that they thought.

Moreover, today we had a discussion with Satish and discussed our progress so far. We haven’t been able to Skype our NGO as frequently as we would’ve like however we try to make the best out of the situation and be creative! We thought of points that the NGO may be interested in adapting or improving on. To catch their interest we need to come up with a few ideas but work them out and have details and examples. So to sell these ideas we are going to definitely work on how we could find solutions to their problems in for example their promotion/advertising or funding. Not only can we solve problems, we could possibly improve, develop and upgrade their already existing ideas! We were thinking of a newsletter that gets sent out to the volunteers, addressed to their name so it will feel more personalized. We could also think about the layout and what would be more appealing and draw attention. Or for example learn from WWF how they obtain funds and let that inspire us to create a program that Constru Casa may want to apply to their promotion techniques. So we will do our research and come up with awesome ideas!

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5 thoughts on “Reflection Blog- Watch out! Ideas in the making!”

  1. This last week really was kind of a game changing one for us. Because although we couldn’t reach out to our NGO,we still improved as a group. We brainstormed,discussed and cam up with a lot of ideas.I still wrote them to Julie just to keep in touch with her and to not lose the contact. I also thought that maybe if we can’t reach our NGO, we can reach out to other NGOs with the same mission and connect to them. I wrote one of the leading NGOS for housing services in South Africa to ask them about tips and if they can help us. So networking was a big part our week. And out teamwork has improved so much I think, we now function so much better than the last week. We are so much more motivated and really looking forward to face our challenge!


  2. Yes, and I think it is also very important to just try to continue on our projects. Even though we cannot reach our NGO we still could come up with great ideas and still have a good result in the end.


  3. I think not having Skype contact with our NGO was both a gift and a curse (please excuse the cliché). I say this because it’s given us a bit more time to think and plan our actions rather than fool heartedly and instinctively tackling what we believe to be the most significant issue. We were initially supposed to speak with the construction manager about how we could build houses quicker and more cost effectively, but this has changed. Only after landing ourselves with more time to think were we able to realize going in in a different direction could be more beneficial. As stated above, we’ve decided that a personalized newsletter targeted towards American universities, high schools, church groups, etc. could be more effective at gaining support… and most importantly, revenue.


  4. Well well well, It is good to get to know things better and as far as I can see the ducks goes. Things seems to be improving to the point where( I honestly hope ) we will come up with a ground/wall breaking Idea/ideas, which will be generated by the very great team, us the Ducks.


  5. I think have been a bit stocked this week, especially because of the lack of communication with our NGO. We do have ideas, but we cannot decide to develop one, as we need feedback from ConstruCasa. Therefore we are still looking for even more ideas, and we will wait until we can connect with Julie and then we can present all of them and see what she thinks about them. For now, research, research, research!!


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