Our Spider Diagram- The Ducks



3 thoughts on “Our Spider Diagram- The Ducks”

  1. Here you see how important the team work and access to expertise is. In the beginning we lacked on both. Now we are luckily improving in team work and also have a much better communication to our NGO. I would say we definitely solved some obstacles.


    1. Hey Georg,
      we literally just sat down and had a look where we could improve our teamwork. After that we started looking for solutions. one of our main problems was, that we were always kind of lost so now Caro out team leader posts an update with was has been done and what we still need to do in Facebook group about every two days. That really helps. Another problem was that we we┬┤re lacking communication so we improved that by simply talking more to each other which simplifies the whole work progress and prevents misunderstandings.


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