Researching for possible solutions for the construction.

The future lies within the hands of students. Pressure has been put on us from a young age by the educational system. Always encouraging us to thrive, innovate, create and learn. Therefore instead of looking at solutions published by companies or organisations for cheaper housing I decided to look at research papers in universities. Specifically in the architectural department. I was looking at research papers from the TU Delft architecture faculty and found a very interesting paper. This was written by a student name Kimberly Beimin. She travelled to Suriname, which is a country in south america and created a solution to their housing problems regarding costs, the climate (especially heat) and sustainability (natural disasters). Scriptie-Affordable_housing_for_the_lower_income_group-Kimberley_Beimin_4102037_ (1)

Her research targets the low income groups, which is exactly what we as a team are looking at right now. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this research paper and may it be inspirational!

P.s. heres a link to show a comparison of Guatemala and Suriname

It even shows their corruption index! From the website you can see that there is not a great difference between the two countries. Guatemala however is running a little behind.


4 thoughts on “Researching for possible solutions for the construction.”

  1. Looks like great information about cheep housing, but not particularly what you need. Kimberly Beimin prepared deep research about housing problems in Suriname and proposed interesting solutions. Thats definitely good inspiration material and great example of architecture project. Try to analyse it well and take some notes about it.


  2. Have you thought about trying to contact the person that wrote the thesis? Could be really interesting to invite her for a discussion. Which could also help wit that really important step of analysing what can you learn from this information and what part might be less usefull for YOUR situation/NGO.
    Whatever the next step, compliments for your idea of searching at uni’s and finding this.


    1. Hey Meggie,
      the person who wrote the thesis is actually a roommate of Jacqulines so it would be really cool to talk to her about her work. I haven´t thought about that thanks for the tip!


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