Reflection Blog- Team work?? Let´s do it well…

Week 3

Last Monday, in the Project Community class, the Ducks had a learning experience while doing a class task. We were asked to research how the “ideal work team” looks like. The task was to describe two online work teams, so we had to look for them and investigate how they work.

When getting to work, our team automatically spitted in two, and every half worked in one of the two online work teams. I think nobody of us knew accurately what describing an online work teams meant, but we all started searching “something” in our machines. I, as team project leader, was very confused and did not really know what was demanded of me. I saw that while one half of the group looked like they really knew what they were doing, the other half (the one I was in) was confused, not knowing what to do AT ALL. I tried communicating with the other half group, get some help, but I failed miserable, as they seemed very busy with their research. I felt I was not doing well my job as leader, and that totally frustrated me. After asking several times our professor what we were supposed to do, we finally saw the light. We were surprised how easy and simple the task was, and I we commented how much earlier we could have finished the task if the communication and the organization between us had been better. I think we all realized that. As debriefing, we had to answer some questions about our now described online groups (for example: are they using group size effectively or not? How are they using cultural diversity effectively? Etc.)

The learning outcome of this activity was to determine the ideal size for a team, as the organization and the roles in that team, between others. But for us, the Ducks, the learning outcome of this activity was another one: We realized we have to always have to keep on mind we are a team, and that means we have to work together and help each other accomplish the goals. As for me, I will try improving my leadership skills. GO DUCKS!


7 thoughts on “Reflection Blog- Team work?? Let´s do it well…”

  1. Great Ducks ,
    We also have encountered some issues in what we actually have to do regarding with the guidelines that we have , so first , don’t take the guideline word by word , its more about a general idea of what you have to work with, secondly the idea of always have in mind that you are a team , is VERY important , its a boat where everyone has to sail on it , one person can not take care of the full boat , he/she will day on the first week of the trip.

    Any tips for better communication with each other ?



  2. Thank you Emilio!
    This tip is very important. After some time we figured out that we were overthinking the task way too much. We were trying to exactly follow the instructions but this was supposed to be a guide line to give us an idea for what we can do a research.
    I liked the task in week 3 because it really made us realize how we should work together as a group.
    We got to know our weaknesses this week and we know where we can work on to receive an improved team work. And it helped! Knowing the weak parts of our group made us pay more attention on it and the group work was much better already on the hang-out day on wednesday.


  3. Oh and looking at it as a STARR reflection we were trying to improve our team work like this:
    SITUATION: dissatisfying group work
    TASK: improving the team work
    ACTION: In the end of class we were sitting together, thinking about how we could improve. We talked about our weaknesses and tried to figure out a way to make it work better. We knew the communication has to work better. Carolina the team leader researched for everybodys tasks again and in the end we had a very clear idea of how we are going to manage the project with ConstruCasa.
    RESULT: Everybody knew their task and we could manage to achieve a lot of results in less time on Wednesday.
    REFLECTION: The class in week 3 caused a much better communication and therefore increased our ability of good team work.


  4. Unfortunately I missed this class, but luckily we have 2 documentarians so I was filled in on what I missed during my absence. But I am so happy to hear my team has resolved an issue regarding the quality of the work we were producing. It’s great to see that you guys applied the STARR reflection method to solve the problem and learn something new. The key to great team work is communication, trusting each other and having a clear overview of the mutual goal as well as individual responsibility. We trust each other that we will get our work done and in the end hopefully help Constru Casa achieving greater goals! Also I wanted to add that spongebob can provide us with various life lessons, enjoy this song!


  5. Thank you Emilio for your comment. As Caroline and Caro already said we kind of struggled as a group with the task, but I also struggled personally as I couldn´t figure out what to do. So I was stressing out a bit but thanks to my group, that did´t last long as they were calming me down and together we tried to find a solution for the task. So one of the most important things I learned this week is, to not only listen to your team but to put their feedback and help into practice.


  6. I believe every great something went through all kinds of stuff (neither bad nor good I believe, in words it is experience)to its greatness. And that stuff, the things we experienced, I believe is described all above (post). Basically we are improving and developing as a team and stuff, that is the Idea or isn’t it?


  7. I agree with Caroline here when she cited overthinking as her group’s biggest problem. In terms of this specific task, overthinking was a key factor in the overall confusion. After debriefing, I concluded that the task simply resonated better with Marie and I, but in actuality, we were successful because we just jumped right into it. Even though we started out just as confused as our fellow teammates, our immediate actions allowed us to build and develop until we finally understood what exactly was required of us. That being said, our lack of a group mentality was also to blame. As Emilio stated, teamwork is like a sailboat. Everyone has an individual task united under one common interest, to sail. Marie and I should have recognized the struggles of our fellow group members and helped out as much as we could.


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