Tech Steward

My name is Dominykas Dilys and I was born in Vilnius, capital of the Republic of Lithuania. My mother is a pediatric psychiatrist and father – a computer engineer.


At the time when many of my kindergarten friends were playing with toys, I was creating my own games with a few pencils and some paper, painting pictures of my dreams or simply challenging myself with new idea. My parents and my teachers saw the passion I had since that early age and signed me up for various classes such as sculpture, painting and creative art. I felt very happy painting and being engaged in the process of creating. Consequently, my mother enrolled me into the National Ciurlionis School of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I started my primary education along with various art disciplines.
I am a second child and have six siblings. Being part of a big family thought me importance of sharing and loving a person as he or she is. We have a chance to explore our different personalities and learn from each other. In a big family you are never alone.
Apart from art I also enjoy playing guitar. I used to also practice horse riding and a Japanese form of self-defense.
Together with a group of classmates every year we used to make short films for the short film festivals.I learned how to use basic editing software such as Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas Pro. I enjoy working on videos for school assignments and in my free time.

My country and history of the world are among the things that inspire me to create. I enjoy reading and researching about history. My teacher in history inspired me to read and learn about the world that surrounds us. I loved reading old books that my granddad had in his library. I am also very interested in human psychology as my mother is a professional in this field. She always educated me about relationships and interactions with people.
When I was in my last year at school I took courses at the Cinema academy for young artists in Vilnius. Every week in small groups we used to write, act and film. Editing and working on this made me realize how passionate, interested and in love I am with creating something that feels good to create. Traveling with my family at least twice a year helped me decide that I would like to pursue my university education abroad. There are many opportunities to learn from the students of different nationalities, different cultures and of course, languages. I realised how lucky I am to be here in den Haag as now I see how multi-cultural this city is. I am really proud to be a part of the ducks as it is a team of different people form different cultures. Here I would love to insert a quote that in some way matches my point: ,,Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.’’
I believe that Holland is a perfect destination for studying as it is an international nation that was the first non-English country to brought the world studies in the international language.


My superpower is yet to be found. As I think a University is a place where you go if there is such an aim. .


4 thoughts on “Tech Steward”

  1. thanks 🙂 ! if interested quote is by Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. Speech in the great hall after the end of the triwizard tournament, S. Digoris death and Voldemort’s come back. Yes I am a huge fan of Harry Potter as well 😀

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  2. The first part is like an auto-biography everything you have done since you were a kid, every dream, passion and interest. You wrote very basic fact about you that any one needs to know – little bit too much data for me.
    I like how you listed all the skills you have, but I’m personally more interested in your flaws – they appeal to me more. Anyway – well done.


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