The Documentarian


UntitledMy name is Oliver Gray and I’m an Industrial Design Engineering student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I’m also and a proud member of “The Ducks”, an international and student-run design team. We currently aim to assist ConstruCasa, a non-profit organization whose goal is to help provide housing for impoverished people in Guatemala. I am in charge of documentation, and will be writing blog posts, recording Skype calls with ConstruCasa, and photographing various parts of the process.

About myself: I was raised in the United States, but my father was born in Romania. My earliest memories are of a small town that would seem like the middle of the woods to most. Redding, Connecticut, where deer out number people and the only commercial business is one, tinny, mom-and-pop breakfast restaurant. My upbringings here definitely attributed to my intense love of travel, a pivotal factor in my decision study in The Netherlands.

While not skateboarding to university in order to complete a task with “The Ducks”, most of my time is consumed by creative oriented hobbies. I’ve always had a passion for music, and spend a great deal of time playing guitar. My slightly worn acoustic is actually sitting next to me as I write this. Something about the feel of the neck usually helps with writers block, so it’s common for me to take guitar-playing breaks while studying. It’s also common for me to spend hours drawing, another extremely relaxing and rewarding activity.

qu4h0As for my super power, I would say it is pure luck. I always seem to stumble into the greatest situations. In fact, I’m enjoying the benefits of this super power right now, because I can legitimately see the North Sea. The apartment I randomly selected has a breathtaking view of The Hague 🙂.


6 thoughts on “The Documentarian”

  1. Love it Oliver! You are lucky to be so high that you can see the sea. This would always relax me. Maybe you can find out who else plays a music instrument so that we could have a jam session sometime?


  2. Indeed as Laura says , let’s unite the music lovers in IDE! It’s interesting to read how you describe your hobbies as really something for yourself. I guess they are also a gift to others if you share. And is it purely good luck or a good nose for things?


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