The beginning of a new Chapter

Hello everybody!

My name is Caroline and I have the honor to be a member of The Ducks! My cultural background is very easy: I am German. But I honestly never wanted to stay in one and the same country for my whole life. So I started traveling very early.
As the production manager I am hoping to help as much as possible in the progress of our team. I am looking forward to all the results, ideas, and fun we are hopefully going to have.

But now a little bit more about me as a person. This is me:


Doing my favorite things: Hiking, discovering new areas and adventures, and meeting lots of different people and cultures on this way! By the way, this picture was taken in Moab, Utah. I can definitely recommend this place.
I am a very active and sportive person, so active that yoga and meditation wouldn’t be an option for me (already tried it).
Well, with studying here in The Hague I actually just continue with doing my favorite activities.
Holland helps me to stay active, I definitely haven’t been driving my bike as much as I do it here, thank you bike loving country! I am also pretty sure that I will discover a lot of new areas and adventures with living in another country. Only three weeks of living here made me learn so much more about this country. But also Industrial Design Engineering will give me a lot to discover and I am so excited to learn more in this study! And of course it is not a secret that you will meet a lot of different people and cultures in this very international city at this very international school.
The Hague with the beach around the corner seems to be the perfect place to be for me.

2015-09-09 21_09_08-Unbenannt 1 - LibreOffice WriterBut now to my super power. A lot of people probably wouldn’t guess this one. Besides my duck power I am starting to improve every day, I am also known as the child whisperer (especially in the USA). I got them all, no matter how wild and naughty those little ones are, I can make them wash my dishes! Not only because I know how to react but also because I just love to be as much as possible outside being active with kids so that they can barely keep their eyes open after dinner at night. Probably being an AuPair for two years in the States helped me a lot with it.

I am happy to start my new chapter in life here and hope that I can gain a lot more and new experiences. Please everybody help me with it!!

For now I don’t say goodbye but see you soon!



2 thoughts on “The beginning of a new Chapter”

  1. I’m sure you’ll be able to use all that active energy in your studies. Like music lovers there seem to be lots of outdoor sport lovers, maybe get together.
    Awesome superpower by the way, I don’t think many of your fellow students really appreciate how amazing that is 😉


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