Maries Superpower

Hello everybody!


I´m Marie and I´m from Munich,Germany.

I´ve recently started IDE at De Haagse Hogeschool and I´m so excited about it.

A bit more about myself; I was born and raised In Munich and therefore spent most of my winters in the mountains skiing or snowboarding or just being outside in the snow.My summers I would spend traveling all around the world, first with my parents ,later with my friends.I am a vegetarian by heart,meaning that I just love all things vegetarian,like cooking,baking (yes that´s a thing) or meeting other vegetarians. But not meaning that I judge you if you´re not vegetarian 🙂 I don´t think I could stay in place forever, I always have the need to go explore,see new cultures, get to know new people. So that´s how I ended up here in Den Haag. I´ve always had a massive interest in all kinds of designs and inventions and from a young age I would try to come up with all sorts of helpful things that would make life so much easier – mostly they did´t really work out 🙂 But still I enjoyed it.

For my group I´m client services which is great, because I talk a lot. Like really A LOT. So I´m super excited to get in touch with the client and build up a great connection with them.

So now let´s talk about my superpower. I think my superpower is inventing things and coming up with ideas how you can turn something old into something really,really cool and new. I feel like there are so many resources in the world that people simply ignore, just for the sole reason of those resources being “old”. So I love to look at things and try to find new or improved ways you could use them. So hopefully that is going to help my group with our project ConstruCasa as they need to figure out an easier way to build their houses.


So hopefully you will hear lot more from me soon!


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